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Make Harrisburg Work For Us Again

Wendi has never played partisan political games as a local official, and she’s just as tired as the rest of us with the craziness in Washington, DC and Harrisburg.  As our State Representative, she will work for real reforms that end gridlock and focus on putting power back where it belongs - in the hands of the people government represents.  This is just some of what Wendi will do:

  • Change the budget process

    • A real “no budget, no pay” law that not only stops pay for legislators until a budget is finished, but doesn’t give them the money back when it’s done. Read Wendi's statement on this HERE

    • “Last year” legislation that uses the budget from the previous year if a new budget isn’t passed on time so our schools and community service organizations don’t suffer while politicians fight.

  • Support redistricting reform that puts the power to draw legislative districts in the hands of the people, instead of the politicians.

  • Vote to reduce the size of the legislature. This would cut the House by approx. 26% to 151 members and save taxpayers $13-$16 million annually in pay, benefits and ancillary costs.

  • Eliminate state-owned cars or government paid leased vehicles by any member of the general assembly.

  • Bring accountability to the legislature by eliminating per diems, allowing only for reimbursement for actual expenses verified by receipts and not to exceed the present per diem rate.

  • No more “Bosses”

    • Limiting how long any Representative can serve as the Chair of a committee.

    • Make it easier to send legislation to the full House for a vote so a few powerful legislators can’t stop progress.

  • Start a “Results Caucus”  made up of legislators from both parties who are tired of the games and want to focus on finding common ground and real solutions to the challenges we face. 

  • Working for residents not reelection - Wendi will support a state constitutional amendment that would create 4 year terms for state representatives and a 3 term limit. A 2 year term means that state reps spend time from the moment they are elected raising money and running for reelection. Wendi wants to spend the time working for you!

Wendi knows that results come from hard work and independence. As our State Representative, that’s what she will give us.

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